What Temperature Is Too Cold For Rabbits: [The Truth]

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Ideal Temperature For Rabbits

Rabbits love the winter time! Rabbits were “built” for cold temps. As long as they are not hit by a draft and in a dry place, a rabbit can keep itself warm. I’d be more worried about frozen water bottles or frozen water dishes.  Having fresh water is very important, Id recommend getting heated water bottles. you can find them on Amazon here, Heated Water Bottle For Rabbits. Your rabbit’s diet is very important all year round, but more so during winter. They do eat more during the cold months. Along with the pellets you feed them, I’d also feed them whole kernel corn to help put on fat. Don’t feed them corn in the summertime. 

How Hot Can Rabbits Tolerate

Summertime is the roughest time for a rabbit. Anything above 85 degrees could be rough on your rabbits, but there are some things you can do to help prevent heat stroke. You could put ceramic tiles in your rabbit’s pen to help keep them cool. You could also fill an empty soda bottle with water and freeze it and put it in there pen to help your bunny cool off. Make sure you keep the rabbit’s water supply consistent, they will drink a lot of water. Feed them vegetables as they will help keep your rabbit hydrated.

In my experience, the best breed of rabbit for outside is a New Zealand White. They can handle all weather very well. I don’t have any problems with mine in the cold of winter or the heat of summer.

Signs Of Heat Stroke

If your bunny had a stroke, you will notice they don’t eat much or not at all and their head is tilted.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Rabbits

Rabbits can handle the cold a lot better than the heat. The main thing if your rabbit or rabbits are outside, that they have a pen or a hutch. They need a place they can hide out on a windy cold day. Wind and drafts, more so drafts, is what will do damage in the winter time. You can find rabbit hutches online, I got mine on Amazon, here is a link to it, Rabbit Hutch.

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