What Temperature Is Too Cold For Chickens: [The Truth]

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What Temperature Is Too Cold For Chickens

Roosters and hens, surprisingly, can handle cold weather really well. In fact, the more we try and help by keeping them warm in the cold weather, the more damage we do to them.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Chickens
My Rooster Not Enjoying The Spot Light.

A full-grown chicken can handle most winters everywhere on their own. The best and only way, in my opinion, of helping them keep warm is by mixing corn and sunflower seeds in there feed to help them put on fat. But don’t overdo it, if you have laying hens if they get too much fat on them they’ll stop laying eggs.

Thermal Break

Ever see your chickens shake and fluff up there feathers when its cold? That is how they warm themselves. They trap the air between there feathers an body. Their body warms the air and in turn, there warm. Better known as a thermal break.

Each adult chicken gives off 8btu per hour of heat. If you own 10 laying hens, that’s 80btu of heat they can generate together every hour. So as long as they have a coop or some kind of closed shelter, I wouldn’t worry too much about them on really cold nights.

How cold is too cold for baby chickens

Baby chicks should have the temp about 100 degrees and then 5 degrees cooler every week after the first week. Rule of thumb is if the chicks are avoiding the heap lamp, they are too hot. If they are huddled right under the heat lamp, they are cold. You should adjust the lamp accordingly. Also, They will smother each other if they are cold, you must keep a close eye on them.

Another tip is when you first get your chicks, is to dip there beak in there waterer. That way they learn to drink.


What temperature is too cold for chickens? Well, your flock of chickens can handle the cold better than us human folk! They don’t need heat lamps or heating mats unless their just chicks. Its only human to feel as though you have to do everything in your power to keep them warm. The reality is the less you do for them the better off they’ll be. That is how it is with most animals. Only problems you are going to have to deal with is frozen water. So to make their life a little easier in the winter time, and yours,  buy a heated chicken waterer, chickens do drink a lot of water in the winter. You can check out the one I have here for my flock, Heated Chicken Waterer (Link To Amazon) Have rabbits?

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