Tamarack Firewood [Everything You Need To Know]

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Tamarack Firewood

Tamarack firewood? I’m not going to lie when I first heard about tamarack trees and using them for firewood, I was like, what!? Its because I never heard of it. And because of that, I researched it online to learn what I could about it. So then, I decided to go ahead and make a post about it to help others who might be clueless or not sure about tamarack firewood.

Is Tamarack Good Firewood?

Yes. Tamarack, also known as larch, burns hot, like pine firewood, a lot of people compare it to ash with the way it burns and they say it dries a lot faster than oak firewood. Tamarack will crack and pop a lot when you burn it because it’s part of the pine family, other woods, it contains sap. There are pockets of sap inside the wood that won’t dry and when heat hits it, it expands¬†and pops.

Splitting Tamarack Firewood

Splitting tamarack is fairly easy with a maul when its green. Being a soft wood, it’s not that dense of a wood to put the maul head through in one or two swings. It’s not really known to be a knotty wood either which makes splitting it easier.

How Long To Season Tamarack Firewood

This type of firewood doesn’t take near as long as other woods. If its split and stacked off the ground, it should be dry enough to safely burn in 8 to 10 months. Make sure its season before you burn it. Being in the pine family it contains a sap that will cause creosote to form in your chimney. If seasoned long enough it won’t give you any trouble. A key thing to remember about any kind of pine firewood is seasoning it properly to ensure safety.


Tamarack Firewood is loved by many folks who have access to it. It burns hot and clean and will keep you and your family warm on cold winter days and nights. Never turn down a chance of getting some of this type firewood, you’ll be glad you didn’t!¬†Tamarack is kind of like the platypus of trees, exhibiting traits of both deciduous and coniferous tree species.

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