Sassafras Firewood [The Low Down On Sassafras Firewood]

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Sassafras Firewood

Choosing a firewood can definitely be a personal choice. What works for some might not work for others. When it comes to Sassafras this couldn’t be truer.

What is Sassafras?

Sassafras is a hardwood tree that traces its roots from North America and Eastern Asia. It’s mostly used for medicinal purposes and famously for culinary uses such as making root beer. It has a very soft feel, and one can, therefore, use it for furniture, building fences etc.. The sweet smell it gives off makes it a great addition to any yard or compound. After all, who would not want a shade that produces a lovely fragrance.

Is Sassafras Good Firewood?

Although it wouldn’t be the number one choice for most it is not a bad choice at all. If you are camping or just happen across some Sassafras there is no need to shy away from using it in your fire.

The wood itself can burn up pretty quickly, it is advisable to mix it with another type of firewood for the best results if possible. On the chance that you anticipate utilizing it in an open chimney, you’ll see the wood makes a genuine “beautiful” fire with vivid blazes and a hint of that lovely fragrance again. Be that as it may, it does pop, spark and break a considerable amount so ensure you have a screen or glass entryways on your chimney.

The aroma also makes it a great firewood to use during the holiday season. Especially if you have a wood burning stove to contain those sparks that may be flying.

The tree is very soft which allows it to split easily compared to some other woods. This will make your life easier if you need to do the chopping yourself. After splitting, the tree takes only two or three months to dry and then it becomes ready for use. This is unlike other trees that can take much longer to dry and prepare to be used in the fire.

Sassafras also burns quite fast and produces a very hot fire. This makes it an excellent fire starter and a great choice for kindling! When looking at BTU’s it rates just about in the middle of the pack similar to Red Maple and Willow.

Trees suitable for fuel need to have high density, small contents of moisture and should produce less ash. This makes Sassafras a good source of wood fuel especially when only a small amount is needed.

It is not advisable to use Sassafras for cooking or any other large-scale burning purposes. Since it burns very fast, a large quantity is required. In case you need to use it for cooking purposes, you can combine it with other firewood sources such as that from an Oak or a Maple tree for better results.


If you’re someone who loves a strong smelling firewood and you don’t want the hassle of a tough to split wood, Sassafras is an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a longer lasting burn then other woods may be the better bet for you.


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