How To Put Out Fire In Fireplace Before Bed [Safe & Effectively]

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How To Put Out Fire In Fireplace Before Bed? Well, It was my first year in my new cabin and it was also my first time using a fireplace. I was a little nervous and intimidated. I didn’t know anything about firewood or fireplaces like I do now. One of my biggest fears was the cabin catching fire from a hot coal from the fireplace flying out onto the rug while I was sleeping. So, I knew I needed to learn how to put out a fire in the fireplace before bed each night. And surprisingly, it’s not that difficult! I’ll share with you how I do it and hopefully, you will find it useful and not think I’m some kind of whack job 🙂

How To Put Out Fire In Fireplace Before Bed

Truthfully, there are 2 ways to go about this that will allow you to rest easy at night. The first way is buying a screen for the front of your fireplace, like these, Fireplace Screen (link to Amazon). It’s simple enough and a pretty straightforward way to ensure no fire breaks out during the middle of the night while your sleeping, even if your burning wood that cracks and pops a lot, you’ll be fine.

The second way and cheaper way is to spread the hot embers around and use your ash shovel to cover the embers with the wood ash. And the last step would be to coat the top of the wood ash, that’s covering the hot embers, with baking soda. And that will do the job!

Quick tip, the best kindling to start your fireplace is cedar!



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