How To Stack Firewood Off The Ground: [Safe An Proper]

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You cut a tree down and cut it up into sections and you used your wedge or maul to split it and now it is time to stack it off the ground. Stacking firewood off the ground has a lot of benefits,

  • Better air flow so it dries quicker
  • Won’t rot
  • Will keep A lot of the bugs out of the wood
  • Rats or mice won’t make a haven out of it
  • Won’t get mold on it because it won’t be absorbing the moisture from the ground
  • Looks better that way (to me anyway)
  • Wood won’t pop as much in the fireplace cause its drys better

How To Stack Firewood Off The Ground

My very first year of cutting and splitting and stacking my own firewood, I made the big mistake of stacking it on the ground. When I went to burn it the following year, the bottom row stank and was rotted and slimy with all kinds of bugs an slugs on it. Never again did I stack my firewood on the ground!

There are a few different ways you can accomplish this, you could stack them on pallets, which are easy to find, a lot of businesses in my area give them away or I’m sure you can find some dirt cheap on craigslist.

You could build a woodshed and stack it in there or make your own log rack to stack the wood on or if you don’t burn a lot of wood, you can buy a log rack to stack your wood on. You can check this one out on Amazon Outdoor Firewood Log Rack I own that rack, I keep it on my porch and keep it full of wood I get from my barn.

How To Stack Firewood On A Pallet

For starters, make sure you put the pallet on level ground. That’ll save you a lot of headaches right there. Use T posts or anything you have laying around for support of your firewood so it doesn’t roll off either side. You don’t want to stack the wood any more than 4 feet high (that’s in my experience). The stack of firewood might get unstable and fall and that sucks, been there done that! Not a lot of fun restacking wood you just stacked.

DIY Firewood Log Rack

I got this idea from youtube. It works great too. All you need is a couple 2×4’s and a few cement blocks and 2 wooden posts (length up to you) Turn your cement blocks the long way and place your 2×4 in each hole and run 2 posts from block to block and you have a pretty nice firewood log rack. Here is a video to better explain. Better to see sometimes than read about it.

How To Stack Firewood In A Circle

How to stack firewood in a circle
Round stack of firewood

This is a lot easier to understand by watching a video. It’s simple but complicated to explain while sitting at a keyboard of a computer. This is one of the best ways of stacking firewood, in my opinion anyway, but it takes a little longer to do and you’ll see why shortly.


Hopefully, I answered the question, how to stack firewood off the ground? I gave you a few examples of how to do it. You also should know the main points of stacking firewood off the ground. I really like the cement block idea. I have the majority of my firewood stacked on them in my barn. Works great! and it doesn’t take long to stack it either. Can’t build one? To much extra work? You can always buy them. You can check this one out on Amazon, Outdoor Firewood Log Rack



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