How To Split Wood With A Wedge

How To Split Wood With A Wedge: [Made Simple How To Guide]

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Before you can stack firewood you should split it. Splitting wood with a wedge is fairly easy once you know what you are doing. Always good to have at least 2 wedges in case the first one don’t split the piece completely. It is known to happen with larger rounds of wood and “stringy” wood.

Basically, you want to start the wedge towards the end of the piece of firewood, if you can find a crack on the outer part of the piece of the wood, that would be the ideal place to use your wedge to split the wood.

If you have a diamond shaped wedge, you pretty much start that right in the middle of the round of firewood. If it’s a large round of wood, be prepared to swing sister slick (sledgehammer) with some force.

How To Split Wood With A Wedge

It’s really no different than hammering a nail. You tap the wedge a few times to get it started so it doesn’t go flying out of the piece of wood and hurt someone or break something and you might want to use a sledgehammer and not a claw hammer. You’ll be swinging till the cows come home with a regular ole claw hammer.

2 Different Type Wedges

There are 2 main types of splitting wedges, a diamond wedge, and a traditional wedge. I have both and I like both but, the diamond wedge will break. It has a point on the end, which makes it a lot easier to start in a piece of firewood but after a lot of use the tip will become damaged. The main wedge I use is a traditional one. I got nothing bad to say about it, it is just a great wedge for splitting wood. Be sure to have at least 2 of the traditional wedges because sometimes 1 wedge isn’t enough to split the whole piece of wood and the wedge will be stuck in there, that is when you use your other wedge to finish the split.
Diamond Wedge

Best Wedge For Splitting Wood

The traditional wedge is the best in my opinion because it won’t break or bend like a diamond shaped wedge. I bought 3 of these from Amazon and they have done really well by me. You can check it out here, True Temper 5-Pound Wood Splitting Wedge It’s a true beast. There isn’t a match that these wedges can’t handle. Avoid splitting into a knot though, I don’t care what you are using to split wood, you will not split a knot unless you have a hydraulic log splitter.


That is how to split wood with a wedge. Splitting wood with a wedge is the best option for those who don’t split that much wood or you come across a gnarly piece of wood you can’t split with a maul. Remember to be safe, much like hammering a nail, you can miss and hit your thumb! or in my case, your wrist. Believe me, it hurts like hell for a long time. Got to remember, it isn’t a regular claw hammer your using, it is a sledgehammer. If you forget it will remind you!

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