Eucalyptus Firewood [All You Need To Know About It]

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Eucalyptus Firewood

I admit I didn’t know a lot about eucalyptus trees, also known as gum trees, but I overheard someone talking about it. And it got me to wondering about it and eventually researching it. Which brings me to here, to share what I learned about the tree and if its any good for firewood. I spent a good bit of time reading about eucalyptus firewood and seeing what others thought of it and here’s what I came up with.

Is Eucalyptus Good Firewood

The short answer is yes, it makes great firewood. The more detailed answer is, eucalyptus is a dense, hard wood. Its pretty much like burning oak, the king of firewood, so if you have it, burn it! In fact, some people joke and say eucalyptus makes oak look like a softwood. You’ll like the results. Especially the nice bed of hot coals it leaves behind. Only “bad” thing I read about it is, eucalyptus wood has oils in the wood that create a super hot flame. If that concerns you, just mix in a piece here an there with your other firewood in the fire and it shouldn’t be as bad. But if you want heat, this wood is perfect for the job.

Splitting Eucalyptus

Splitting your firewood will help it season faster and, of course, fit in your fireplace or woodstove. Some wood is harder to split than others and eucalyptus is no different. Eucalyptus is tough to split. Your best bet would be to split a few days after it’s been cut. That way small cracks form in the firewood round and you can read it better far as where to hit it with a maul. If you try to split it when its dry, use a hydraulic log splitter because as the wood dries, the wood grain tends to twist and that makes splitting it with a maul or wedges extremely more difficult.

Seasoning Eucalyptus Firewood

Seasoning your firewood is very important. So, letting it season long enough will help you keep warm and keep the fire going. Greenwood doesn’t burn very well or even at all. Unfortunately, this is a downside to eucalyptus is its seasoning time. It takes awhile. You need to let it dry at least 2 years before burning it. Otherwise, it won’t burn for crap! And all the hard work you put into it will be for not. If you can, leave it season for 3 years for maximum results. At its peak performance, its BTUs are between 32.5-34.5 mil per cord. That’s pretty good if you ask me.


Overall, if can get your hands on eucalyptus wood, go for it. You won’t regret it. Another nice thing about eucalyptus is the smell, Its one of the better smelling firewoods there is.

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