Is Dogwood Good Firewood [Find Out The Truth Here]

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Is dogwood good firewood? Well, one day my buddy and I were sitting on the porch, casually shooting the breeze about a whole lot of nothing and I noticed he has dogwood trees in his yard. So, like normal my first thought was, I wonder how well dogwood burns in a fireplace. I never heard of anyone burning dogwood and I asked my buddy if he ever did and he said no. Curiosity got the better of me (nothing new there!) and I started researching about dogwood and thought I’d share my findings. After all, I can’t be the only one ever to wonder about burning dogwood trees!

Is Dogwood Good Firewood

Yes. Dogwood is a very good firewood to have. It’s a very dense wood that gives off a lot of BTUs and burns for a good extended period of time. The knock on it is it’s usually small in diameter so most people skip over it because of that. Also, dogwood trees are ornamental trees, so that’s another reason most people don’t think of them as for being good firewood. Their loss is our gain!

Splitting Dogwood

Here is another bad point about dogwoods. There rough to split with a maul. It’s a stringy wood, so it’s better to split it once it’s completely dry. You wouldn’t think it would split hard, because of the smaller diameters of the wood compared to others but most of what I read online points to being a tough splitting wood. unlike cherry.


All in all, if you get a shot of getting your hands on dogwoods, take it, you would regret doing so! This is pretty much an “unknown” firewood. Not many folks associate dogwood with firewood. So, you might be able to collect dead dogwood trees from your friends and neighbors. Hope this helped you out! Thanks for stopping by.


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