Is Cottonwood Good Firewood [The Real Dirty Truth]

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Is Cottonwood Good Firewood? Well, to be honest, I didn’t know a lot about cottonwood trees. Because of that, I wanted to learn about the tree and about there firewood value. So, I searched the internet, reading forums and random web pages to learn about cottonwoods.

Some quick facts about cottonwood trees,

  • Can grow 6ft a year
  • Part of the poplar family
  • Native Americans used there trunks to carve out canoes
  • Native Americans also used the bark to make tea

Learning about the cottonwood isn’t why you’re here, you, like I, want to know if it makes a good firewood. So without further ado, here’s the answer.

Is Cottonwood Good Firewood

Cottonwood doesn’t make very good firewood. For starters, It stinks out loud when burned. It’s a very heavy wood that doesn’t last long at all in a fireplace or wood stove. Basically, it’s not worth your time and it definitely isn’t worth paying for.

Splitting Cottonwood

Cottonwood is a general pain in the a$$ to split. It doesn’t matter if its green or dry. It’s a very stringy wood and that makes life difficult. Unless you have a log splitter, I’d avoid this wood. In fact, I would have to be paid to take it. Not even the most desperate people will want cottonwood!

Seasoning Cottonwood

I’m sure by now you have the general idea that there isn’t much that’s good about cottonwood firewood, seasoning it is no different! It can take anywhere from 2 too 3 years for it to dry properly! Just another reason to avoid it.

If you would like to test your firewood’s moisture content, you can buy a meter to check it, you can find it on Amazon, by clicking this link, Wood Moisture Meter. Make sure it’s 20% or less before you burn it!


in conclusion, The cottonwood tree is a beautiful ornamental tree (in my opinion) but as far as firewood? It’s about the worst you can burn! But if you have some laying around, go for it as long as you can stand the smell. I wouldn’t buy or break my back to get it, it’s just not worthwhile. I’d choose pine over cottonwood any day.

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