Is Cherry Good Firewood [Good & Bad Of Burning Cherry]

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Is Cherry Good Firewood

Cherry is very good firewood. Burns hot and dries fast. Only thing is it doesn’t burn long. So, don’t use it for overnight pieces or you’ll wake up cold!

Splitting Cherry Wood

Splitting cherry is as easy as easy can be when it comes to splitting your firewood. But do it when it’s dry and not green. That will save you a lot of sweat and cuss words! If it’s stringy or knotty, you would be better of with a log splitter otherwise it’s a genuine pain in the butt to split. But that’s no different than any other type of wood you have or can get.

Seasoning Cherry Wood

Cherry doesn’t take long at all to dry. In fact, it’s one of the fastest seasoning woods I know of. Chances are, if you have it cut, split and stacked in the sun and the air can hit it. You could burn it in 5 months or so. All you need to do is take a close look at it, The more the pieces of firewood have splits in them the drier they are. If you would like to be sure and test your firewood’s moisture content, you can buy a meter to check it, you can find it on Amazon, by clicking this link, Wood Moisture Meter. Make sure it’s below 20% and your good to go!

Cherry Wood Value

There is a good chance you don’t want to burn your cherry trees. Unless they’re dead and in rough shape, then, by all means, burn it. But for the Cherrywood that is in good shape, you might want to check out what your local prices are a board foot. You might get more out of it selling than burning! Take the money and buy oak, hickory or maple and burn that instead.


Cherry will make a good firewood if you decide it isn’t worth selling. It dries fast and burns hot. It does leave a lot of ash but it’s worth it in my opinion! The best kind of cherry to burn is a black cherry, if you come across that, you won’t be disappointed. Hope I was able to answer your questions, thanks for reading!



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