Is Cedar Good Firewood [Answered In Detail Here]

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Is Cedar Good Firewood? Well,  in my neck of the woods, we have plenty of cedar trees and I got to wondering if they make good firewood or not. There are evergreen trees and most evergreens aren’t always the best firewood. So, I thought I’d do a bit of research on cedar wood and see what I could find out about it. Here is what I was able to come up with.

Is Cedar Good Firewood

The short answer is no. But it does have its purpose. Cedar is great for kindling. (probably the best kindling there is) It catches fire quick and burns hot, just not for a long amount of time. If you want heat fast, cedar will not disappoint!

Cedar does have a nice smell when being burned and the color of the flames is nice to sit and watch. It is a resinous softwood, I personally wouldn’t use it for cooking over.

Splitting Cedar Wood

Cedar firewood is easy to split, no matter if its dry or green. Also, doesn’t take very long to dry, about 5 or 6 months. I wouldn’t recommend using cedar exclusively in your fireplace or wood stove. Cedar burns super hot and super quick. Also, avoid using big pieces of cedar unless burning outside.

Burning Cedar In a Firepit

Burning your cedar wood in a firewood is a good choice. If cedar isn’t seasoned, it produces a lot of creosote. Which isn’t a concern burning in a firepit. Also, it has a very nice aroma that you can enjoy safely outside. The smell of cedar will keep all kinds of bugs away too and that’s a plus being outside at night.

It’s very relaxing to sit and watch the fire and hear the popping noises coming from the cedar. Cedar firewood pops a lot due to the content of the sap thats in the wood.


Cedar wood certainly has it’s uses but being a mainstay in your firewood pile is not the best. I wouldn’t turn down a chance to get cedar though, It makes excellent kindling! Never can have enough kindling.

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