Is Birch Good Firewood [Find Out The Truth Here]

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Is Birch Good Firewood

Is Birch Good Firewood? Well, I too was wondering about that. I see white birch tree all around in my travels. I never heard of anyone using birch wood for firewood. So, I did some looking around on the internet to find out the answer to the question and here is what I came up with.

Is Birch Good Firewood

It makes great firewood! But there is a catch, You have to split it or it will rot fast. The bark on birch trees is watertight, so it will hold all the water in not allowing it to season unless split. Native Americans used to use the bark off of birch trees to make canoes. That should give you the idea of how watertight the tree bark is. 

If anyone tells you birch wood isn’t any good for burning, just tell them to bring all their “junk” wood over to you. 🙂

Splitting Birch Wood

Splitting birch is relatively easy. Honestly, it splits super easy compared to other types of wood. You won’t need to break out the hydraulic log splitter for this stuff. A wedge or maul will do fine, plus its good exercise!

Birch Facts

  • Bark makes great kindling
  • A cord of birch equals 20 million BTUs
  • It burns fast, so mix in other types of wood, like maple.


In conclusion, birch makes a great wood to burn, but not great for burning overnight. Its best use is for starting your fire and building up your coal bed.

If you would like to test your firewood’s moisture content, you can buy a meter to check it, you can find it on Amazon, by clicking this link, Wood Moisture Meter. 20% or lower for the wood to be safe to burn



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