Best Weed Wacker For A Woman

[Hands Down] The Best Weed Wacker For A Woman

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I wanted to find a lightweight weed wacker I could handle and be able to help out with. That’s how I came across this beauty.

An Honest Review Of The Homelite 26cc Gas Powered 17-Inch Curved Shaft Trimmer

Unfortunately, I have a pretty big yard and it contains plenty of hills. This creates a big problem for me when it comes to mowing the grass. It is possible to mow roughly half of my yard with a mower, so I need a reliable and convenient weed eater. The good news is that I invested in the Homelite 26cc Gas Powered Trimmer (Link To Amazon). This trimmer is very easy to use and sufficiently powerful. It has cut my mowing time down significantly. What else do you need to know about this weed eater? You’ll find out below.

Best Weed Wacker For A Woman

Quick-Fire Carburetor

Don’t you just hate trying to start a mower or weed eater? Despite tugging and tugging many times, the stupid thing just doesn’t want to start. If you’re not careful, you’ll wind up injuring your back. This is one of the best things about the Homelite. This trimmer is equipped with a Quick-Fire Carburetor. It really makes a world of difference. When using this weed eater, I usually only need to prime the engine and pull the cord once or twice. It starts up right away pretty much every time.
Suffice to say, I don’t have to worry about being exhausted before the job is even started.

2-Cycle Low Emission Engine

If you’re anything like me, you want to get the job done right, without harming the environment. This is one of the main reasons that I prefer the Homelite 26cc Trimmer. This weed eater is equipped with a very powerful 2-cycle engine. Even better is the fact that the engine doesn’t release a whole lot of emissions. This combination gives me the reassurance that I am not hurting the environment. Nevertheless, it is still more than capable of getting the job done rapidly. It works hard so I don’t have to.

Surprisingly Lightweight

Finding the right weed eater can be difficult. This is definitely the case if you’re not a brute. I prefer choosing a weed eater that is going to be convenient for me. That’s why it is best to choose one that is lightweight. This is where the Homelite knocks it out of the park. This trimmer weighs a little over 14 pounds. It is one of the lightest weed eaters you will ever use. It is very powerful, but the lightweight design makes trimming the yard so much easier.

Continuous Line Feed

When it comes to using a trimmer, as opposed to a lawnmower, one of the major differences in the string. A lawnmower utilizes a blade to cut grass, which only needs to be sharpened from time to time. On the other hand, a trimmer utilizes string. While this gives the trimmer the ability to reach into places that a lawnmower could not reach, it does pose one problem. And, this problem is that the string must be replaced once it is worn down. However, this is something that you really don’t have to worry about when you invest in the Homelite Gas Powered Trimmer. Of course, the string will need to be replaced eventually. However, the dual line dump string head provides enough string to cut even the largest lawns.

All you need to do is load the head with string, begin the trimming process and once the string becomes worn down, just simply bump the head on the ground. This will prompt the trimmer to reload more string without interrupting the cutting process. The dual string feed not only makes the trimming process faster, but it makes the loading of the string easier and quicker than you could ever imagine.

Specs And Features

  • 26cc engine is very powerful
  • Weighs just 14 pounds
  • Emits very little emission
  • Quick-Fire Carburetor makes starting the trimmer easier
  • Reel-easy bump head
  • 17-inch curved trimmer

Overall Impression

Really, there is a lot to like about this weed eater. It is very easy to start and it works exceptionally well. Plus, there is no need to worry about harming the environment. This weed eater releases less emission than many alternatives. I also like the fact that this trimmer is so lightweight. It definitely makes trimming the yard much easier. The bump feed can be a little tricky at times, but it never fails. This weed eater is incredibly well-rounded and great for the low price.

Overall Impression

The Homelite 26cc Gas Powered Trimmer is a great investment for pretty much everyone. It is lightweight enough to accommodate smaller individuals, yet it is powerful enough to cut through the very tall grass. It is inexpensive, but you shouldn’t let that fool you. This weed eater will deliver a great performance time and time again. With that being said, you owe it to yourself to check it out on Amazon, Homelite 26cc Gas Powered 17 in. Curved Shaft Trimmer


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