What Is The Best Smelling Wood: [Find Out Here]

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5 Best Smelling Wood To Burn

In this article about the best smelling wood, I give you my opinion on what they are. Without further ado, let’s get into the list!

5. Pine

I love the smell of pine wood, before and after I stick it in the fireplace even though I don’t burn much of it, only use it for kindling. Pine isn’t safe to burn in your home because it creates a lot more creosote than most firewoods. That’ll put you at risk for a chimney fire. That would suck! If your house catches on fire, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you won’t be impressed by the way your house smells when it’s on fire. So I wouldn’t try it.

4. Sassafrass

This one is much like pine as in it smells good before and after it’s in the fire. It’s an oily wood and creates a lot of creosote also. Great for kindling though. It smells like root beer. This would be my favorite if it was a better burning wood. Definite chimney fire hazard.


Don’t matter if it’s wild cherry or a regular cherry both smell great before and after being put in the fireplace. The regular cherry tree has more of a cherry smell than the wild cherry tree. This is a good and hot burning wood also. I love burning cherry but I wouldn’t use it as an overnight piece for your fireplace or wood stove. Doesn’t burn as long as other woods.


Maple is a great smelling wood and a good burning wood. Has a lot in common with the Mulberry wood far as burning in a fireplace or wood stove is concerned.

1.Ash Wood

This is my favorite smelling wood. Also a great burning wood. Hard to describe the smell of ash wood. Ash trees are going out at a high rate because of an ash bore (bug) So enjoy the ash wood while you can!

How To Make Scented Firewood

You can scent your firewood by using essential oils. Just to put a drop of whatever scent you like onto the wood and wait a few minutes for it to soak into the wood and then throw it in the fire. Your home or shop will be smelling once the log catches fire. Just one drop is enough. You can check out some essential oils on Amazon by going here, Top 14 Essential Oil Set I recommend getting that one if you are not sure what essential oils smell like.



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