Is Ash Good Firewood [The Truth About Ash Firewood]

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Is Ash Good Firewood? Well, the truth of it all is that many ash trees are being infected by an ash borer. There are many that dead standing ash trees around my area (SE Pennsylvania) So, I got to wondering if they make good firewood. I started researching if they do and wanted to share what I found out about ash firewood. Without further ado, here are my findings.

Is Ash Good Firewood

Yes!  According to some ash is the best kind of firewood.  It has a low moisture content which means you can burn it after you cut it although it burns best when you season it.  Ash will burn for a while and put out a good amount of heat. Just like sycamore firewood.

Splitting Ash Wood

Ash is one of the easiest woods to split.  It is a straight-grained wood.  Generally, you can just use a maul to split it easily but if it has knots a wedge comes in handy.  It should split easily from the first whack of a maul.

Ash Firewood Drying Time

While you can burn green ash, you should properly season it.  As I stated before, ash has a low moisture content so seasoning can take as little as 6 months.  With any firewood, you should stack it in a dry area, off the ground, and spaced enough so air can circulate around it.

If need be, you can burn ash wood as soon as you can.


Ash is a long burning durable wood.  In fact, many tool handles are made from ash.  It’s easy to split, seasoning time is low and all in all its one of the best hardwoods to have in your stack! Never ever turn down a chance for ash wood!

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